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Ramalina subfarinacea (Nyl. ex Cromb.) Nyl.

Family :


Nylander. Bull. Soc. Linn. Normand., ser. 2, 6: 258. 1872

Basionym : Ramalina scopulorum var. subfarinacea Nyl. in Crombie, J. Bot. London 10: 74. 1872.

ID :


Thallus :

Saxicolous, rarely corticolous or lignicolous, tufted, to 5 cm tall, yellowish green, several branches arising from base

Lobes :

Branches, flattened to terete in upper part, soralia marginal

Upper Side:

Isidia :

Soredia subgranulose

Lower Side :

Chondroid tissue cracked into hyphal bundles

Medulla :

Indian specimen sterile

Apothecia :

Ascospores :

Medulla K + red, C-, P+ orange-red. Norstictic acid present.

Chemistry :

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