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Parmotrema pseudocrinitum (Abbayes) Hale

Family :


Hale, Phytologia 28: 338. 1974

Basionym: Parmelia pseudocrinita Abbayes, Bull. Inst. Fr. Afr. Noire 20: 19. 1958

ID :


Thallus :

Coriaceous, adnate to loosely attached to the substratum, up to 15 cm across

Lobes :

10(–15) mm wide, crenate, lobulate, ciliate

Upper Side:

Grey, emaculate, fissured in older parts

Isidia :

Isidiate; isidia: laminal to marginal, simple to coralloid, rarely apically ciliate

Lower Side :

Centrally black, wide marginal zone brown, nude

Medulla :

White, Indian specimens sterile 

Not seen

Apothecia :

Ascospores :

Medulla K−, C+ rose, KC+ red, P−. Atranorin and gyrophoric acid present

Chemistry :

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