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Parmotrema mellissii (C.W. Dodge) Hale

Family :


Hale, Phytologia 28: 337. 1974; Singh & Sinha 1994: 289.

Basionym: Parmelia mellissii C.W. Dodge, 1959

ID :


Thallus :

corticolous, saxicolous or terricolous, to 12 cm across;

Lobes :

4-15 mm wide, crenate or dissected, ciliate

Upper Side:

grey, emaculate, fissured, cortex flaking off in older parts

Isidia :

isidia marginal and submarginal, coralloid branched and ciliate or becoming sorediate (isidiate-sorediate)

Lower Side :

centrally black, narrow marginal zone brown to white mottled, nude

Medulla :

white, rarely ochraceous near lower cortex

rare, to 8 mm in diam., imperforate

Apothecia :

ascospores 17-25 x 10-16 µm; epispore 2 µm thick.

Ascospores :

Medulla (white part) K-, C-, KC+ red, P-; medulla (pigmented part) K+ purple. Alectoronic, a-collatolic acids present.

Chemistry :

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