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Parmotrema grayanum (Hue) Hale

Family :


Hale. Phytologia 28: 336. 1974.  

Basionym: Parmelia grayana Hue, Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris, ser 4, 1: 184.  1899

ID :


Thallus :


Lobes :

Upper Side:

White to whitish gray, dull to ± shiny, epruinose, emaculate, occasionally cracked, but not forming a distinctly reticulate pattern

Isidia :

Abundantly sorediate; soralia marginal, linear to labriform (± crescent-shaped), or subcapitate; soredia ± granular, typically discolored by a dark gray tinge, pale inside

Lower Side :

Often blackened throughout or becoming dark brown towards the margin or, especially below the soredia, often mottled white, typically with a distinct, 1–2(–2.5) mm wide, erhizinate marginal zone; rhizines short, stout, black, simple to sparsely branched

Medulla :


Apothecia and pycnidia not observed

Apothecia :

Ascospores :

Cortex with atranorin [P+ yellow, K+ yellow, KC–, C–, UV–]; medulla with protolichesterinic acid [P–, K–, KC–, C–, UV–]

Chemistry :

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