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Menegazzia terebrata (Hoffm.) A.Massal.

Family :


Massalongo, Naeg. Lich. : 3. 1854

Basionym: Lobaria terebrata Hoffman, Deutschl. Fl.: 151. 1796

ID :


Thallus :

Corticolous or saxicolous, suborbicular, adnate

Lobes :

Radiating, branched, to 1.5 mm wide

Upper Side:

Grey to grey-brown, with round perforations

Isidia :

Soralia apical, capitate

Lower Side :

Brown-black, wrinkled, Indian specimens sterile

Medulla :


Apothecia :

Ascospores :

Upper cortex K+ yellow to reddish; medulla K+ yellow to reddish, C-, KC-, P+ orange. Atranorin in cortex; stictic and physodic acids in medulla

Chemistry :

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