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Lepra colorata (D.D. Awasthi & Preeti Srivast.)

Family :


Q. Ren, Mycosystema 38(11): 1845 (2019)

Previously : Pertusaria colorata D. D. Awasthi and P. Srivast.

D.D. Awasthi & Preeti Srivast., Bryologist 96(2): 210 (1993)

ID :


Thallus :

Corticolous, crustose, yellowish-gray to darker, mat, scarcely shiny, smooth to rugose-plicate and cracked, 66-150(-300)mm thick, ochraceous to ochraceous-red, plane to convex, soredia granular

Lobes :

Upper Side:

Isidia :

Densely sorediate, margin red-brown, soralia round, dispersed, 0.5-1(-2) mm diam., 0.1-0.7 mm tall

Lower Side :

Medulla :

Ochraceous in upper part

Apothecia absent

Apothecia :

Ascospores :

Thallus (medulla) and soralia K+ red, C-, KC-, P+ yellow, UV-, norstictic acid present (TLC)

Chemistry :

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