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Heterodermia incana (Stirt.) D.D.Awasthi

Family :


D. Awasthi. Geophytology 3: 114. 1973

Basionym: Physcia incana Stirton, Proc. Phil. Soc. Glasgow II: 322. 1879

ID :


Thallus :

Foliose, forming small rosettes or tufts of suberect to ascending lobes, 3–6 cm wide

Lobes :

1–4 mm wide, irregularly to sub dichotomously branched, convex, epruinose or slightly pruinose at the tips, eciliate

Upper Side:

Grayish white, sometimes darkening at the centre, Marginal rhizines whitish, somewhat darkening at the tips, squarrosely or fruticosely branched

Isidia :

Soralia and Isidia absent

Lower Side :

Ecorticate, arachnoid, uniformly white

Medulla :


Commonly numerous, pedicellate, subterminal, 1–8 mm wide, margins smooth to lacinulate, sometimes ciliate, disc dark brown, densely white pruinose

Apothecia :

Polyblastidia-type, ± constricted at the center with 2–3 small sporoblastidia 52–56 × 22–27 μm

Ascospores :

Cortex K+ yellow, C–, KC–, P+ yellow; medulla K+ yellow, C–, P–; atranorin (major) and zeorin (major)

Chemistry :

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