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About the Biomedical Research Lab


The Biomedical Research Lab was established in the year 2017, in the Department of Botany, Bharathiar University. The Lab primarily focuses on Lichen research. It is also efficient in various other biomedical research. The various projects done so far include the Nanoparticle treatment against plant infecting diseases, lichens in skin cancer treatment, other anticancer properties of lichens, secondary metabolites of lichens, nutraceutical properties of lichens, biodegradation research and bio conversional systems. More than 30 research articles were published in national and international journals. The lab also strives hard for successful development through its research and contributions to the development of the department, institution and human society. This current work of the digital herbarium of lichens is one such of its kind. The digital herbarium aims at the implementation of various technologies to efficiently carry out the conservation process. These involve internet servers, computers, High-resolution cameras, video capturing devices, and labelling devices. This provides easy access to the data and also provides a platform for repositioning. The process of the digital library works collaboratively. Researchers gain access to the database, and they, in turn, contribute to the database through their works. Thus, a collaborative accumulation of resources takes place. Digitization removes many physical barriers to specimen data access. Further very sooner, the digitized specimens will be provided with QR codes such that it would be easier to access data of that particular specimen instead of searching for a long time. The outcome of this work is this website. In this the specimens were photographed in high resolution cameras, and are provided with their descriptions.


Prof. Dr P. Kaliraj

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Bharathiar University

The Officials 


Dr. Parilmelazhagan Thangaraj

Professor and Head,

Department of Botany


Dr. P. Ponmurugan

Associate Professor,

Department of Botany

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